SeaCOMBO – Sea cooperation for management of the Bothnian Bay

SeaCOMBO is a project working for an increased cooperation between Sweden and Finland when it comes to conservation and management of the marine environment in the Bothnian Bay, the northernmost part of the Baltic Sea.

The project will investigate the possibilities for a transboundary marine protected area, develop a plan for restoration of marine habitats and further increase the knowledge about the underwater environment and its inhabitants. This will contribute towards a sustainable management and improved environmental status of the Bothnian Bay. The project started in May 2020 and will end in December 2021. SeaCOMBO is a continuation of the project SEAmBOTH – Seamless maps and management of the northern Bothnian Bay.

On this site you find information about the project and updates about what is going on. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Fish swim amongst tall, green underwater vegetation


Common reed growing on a shallow beach, beautiful blue sky and blue water on the background.

Memories from Summer 2020

In the beginning of a new year it is good to look back, and remind yourself about the Summer days now that the days are short and Summer seems to be far away.Vuoden alussa on hyvä katsoa menneisyyteen, ja muistella

Underwater plants

Why restore marine habitats?

Habitats in the Bothnian Bay provide important functions for the ecosystems, such as shelter, food source, area for reproduction and nursing grounds for young fish.

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