Flower above and under water

The knowledge about the marine environment in the Bothnian Bay has been rather limited. Information is sparse when it comes to data of marine life, geology and the human impact. At the same time, the marine environment is facing an increased pressure from human activities, locally as well as globally. This may lead to loss of biodiversity and reduced health of ecosystems.

The SEAmBOTH project (2017-2020) made maps and data available of the underwater landscape, species, nature values and human activities within the northern Bothnian Bay. This means there is now more information available to make decisions about activities affecting the sea and conservation measures that may be needed to ensure a sustainable future of it. The sea is borderless and therefore we need cooperation between Finland Sweden to make sure measures in and around the Bothinan Bay will be as efficient as possible.

SeaCOMBO will use the knowledge gained in SEAmBOTH with the aim to further develop the cooperation and exchange between Finland and Sweden in terms of conservation and management of the marine environment of the Bothnian Bay.

The activities of the project will result in:

  • increased knowledge amongst professional groups of the marine environment, conservation measures and management within the Bothnian Bay
  • cross-border networks between Finland and Sweden
  • investigation of possibilites for a transnational marine protected area
  • proposal for a marine restoration plan of the area

Project area

The project area extends over the Bothnian Bay, from the municipalities of Piteå and Kokkola in the south to the neighbouring towns of Haparanda and Tornio in the north.

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