Marine field course august 2021

View over the Island of Ulkokrunni in June 2020.

Are you a university student and want to learn about marine species in the Bothnian Bay and how to conduct marine field inventories? On 16–20 of August 2021 we arrange a marine field course on the island of Ulkokrunni in the northern Bothnian Bay.

Sneak peek: results from the survey study

View from Sandskär. Blue sky with some clouds and green vegetation at the bottom of the image.

The aim of our survey study was to get information about how the existing protected areas are used, what kind of needs there are, and if a cross-border protected area would be something that people are interested in visiting. We got 217 answers to our questionnaire and we thank all of you for your invaluable […]

Pondweeds (Potamogeton/Vidat/Natar)

The flowers of pondweed on the surface of water.

When talking about aquatic plant species with general public the most commonly known species is pondweed, especially Perfoliate pondweed (Potamogeton perfoliatus/Ahvenvita/Ålnate). Pondweeds grow in both clear and murky waters, soft bottom, and mixed bottom, and that is why they are very common in the Bothnian Bay area. Pondweed can get stuck to fishing equipment and […]

Memories from Summer 2020

Common reed growing on a shallow beach, beautiful blue sky and blue water on the background.

In the beginning of a new year it is good to look back, and remind yourself about the Summer days now that the days are short and Summer seems to be far away.Vuoden alussa on hyvä katsoa menneisyyteen, ja muistella kesäpäiviä nyt kun päivät ovat lyhyitä ja kesä tuntuu kaukaiselta.

Survey study – Kyselytutkimus – Enkätstudie

View from Sandskär, Sweden. Sandy field with trees in the background.

You can start answering to our survey study in English here. More information in English behind the link and below. Voit vastata kyselytutkimukseen suomeksi klikkaamalla tästä. Lisätietoa suomeksi linkin takana ja alempana tällä sivulla. Du hittar den svenska versionen av enkätstudien här. Mer information finns i länken samt på sidan nedanför.

The diverse marine nature of Siikajoki

Water plants (Fineleaf pondweed, Stuckenia pectinata) growing at the bottom of the sea.

One of the areas SeaCOMBO project mapped this summer was Siikajoki. Siikajoki was chosen since we needed more information of the marine habitats in the area and since models predicted that we would find endangered species from there.