The flowers of pondweed on the surface of water.

Pondweeds (Potamogeton/Vidat/Natar)

When talking about aquatic plant species with general public the most commonly known species is pondweed, especially Perfoliate pondweed (Potamogeton perfoliatus/Ahvenvita/Ålnate). Pondweeds grow in both

Common reed growing on a shallow beach, beautiful blue sky and blue water on the background.

Memories from Summer 2020

In the beginning of a new year it is good to look back, and remind yourself about the Summer days now that the days are

Underwater plants

Why restore marine habitats?

Habitats in the Bothnian Bay provide important functions for the ecosystems, such as shelter, food source, area for reproduction and nursing grounds for young fish.

People in a boat looking at underwater plants

Autumn underwater

What can you find in the Bothnian Bay? And what happens with the plants underwater during winter? Listen to the broadcast at Sveriges Radio Naturmorgon!

Autumn leaves by the sea shore

Time to get together

Finally we managed to meet up after a spring and summer of only digital meetings. During the past week, project group members gathered from Oulu

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