Marine life

Perch underwater amongst plants

Want to know more about the marine life in the Bothnian Bay ? Here we have collected some links and tips on guidebooks, litterature and websites you may find useful.

  • has published two species guides for the marine life of the northern Bothnian Bay. You can download them from the site and view in your mobile or desktop.

  • is a site dedicated to the Baltic Sea of Finland. It is available in Finnish, Swedish and English language.

  • is a site to start at if you’re looking for any information, publication or latest research related to the seas of Sweden. It is available in Swedish.

  • Livet i havet is a site where you can learn more about the species of the Baltic Sea. It is available in Swedish.

  • Metsähallitus merella – Perämeri offer updates on work in the finnish side of the Bothnian Bay. It is available in Finnish.

  • Artfakta is a site where you can search facts and get help identifying species in Sweden. It is available in Swedish and English.

  • Lountoportti offer species facts and identification for Finland. The site is available in Finnish, Swedish, English, and more languages.

  • Artportalen is the site for reporting and viewing findings of species in Sweden. It is available in Swedish and English.

  • is the Finnish biodiversity info facility. Here you can report and view findings of species in Finland.

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