Marine field course in the Bothnian Bay

Group photo in front of the Krunnit biological station

We held an international marine field course for students from University of Oulu and Umeå University. The field course was held in Ulkokrunni island, Ii Finland. During the course we learned more about plants growing underwater, different methods used in marine inventories, benthic fauna, marine geology and birds of the Bothnian Bay.

Long time no see. Marine field course in 16.–20.08.2021 was the first marine field course held at the Bothnian Bay Research Station in a decade. The station was founded in 1872 and it was a pilot station until 1962, when it started operating as a biological station for University of Oulu.

Cheers to the successful field course!

We had 12 students in the course and they got to practice marine biological mapping methods such as benthic sampling, wading points and taking and analyzing drop-videos. In addition to these technical approaches, we polished our identification skills with underwater plants and benthic animals.

Students investigating a sample they have taken while doing a wading point. Photo: Eveliina Lampinen, ELY centre.

It was quite windy the whole week and we had to reschedule some activities. One of them was the drop-video practice, since you need the boat to float quite steadily so that you can capture good quality videos. It was a good real life lesson since that’s how it is when working at the sea, the weather dictates a lot what you can do. Using the right gear, you can still do many things safely.

It’s important to practice floating and swimming with the survival suits – or just have fun with them! Photo: Eveliina Lampinen, ELY centre.
We had interesting lectures about marine geography of the Baltic sea and the birds of the Bothnian Bay. Here Aarno Kotilainen from Geological Survey of Finland having his lecture. Photo: Suvi Saarnio, ELY centre.

Despite the sometimes windy, gray, cold and rainy weather we had such an invigorating field course.
Hopefully we can have more of these in the future!

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